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Crush Spells
Crush spells are some of the easiest spells, and some of the most popular spells cast.There is little chance of these spells backfiring and having negative consequences. However, with that being said, the power of love is a powerful force and should not be entered into half hearted… so to speak.
Although these spells are simple to cast, they are often much more difficult to remove and spells to remove the effects of these spells often must be cast many times before they take effect.
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Enchanting Spells
These spells should not be confused with the enchantment spells. Where enchantment spells enchant items, enchanting spells are weak love spells, designed to make others enchanted with you. Most these spells have a short shelf life, lasting only a few days if not strengthened by recasting them over and over again, however, there are rarely any consequences from mis-casting these spells.
Cell no.: +27739970300 
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Erotic Spells
These spells affects positively  the quality of sexual relations. Most of the spells only last a few days and then the effect wear off. These spells also have no effect if cast over each other, so you must wait for a spell to wear off before casting another on the same person.
Being that these spells are part of the love spells they come with the warning that love is a powerful tool, and there may be long lasting consequences to these spells.
Cell no.: +27739970300 
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